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I’m April, a wife, mom, daughter and sister. I have a husband, 4 daughters and a silly Bulldog puppy named Lola. We also have Tucker and three barn cats who sadly just go by Mama Cat and Little Cats, lol.
On February 13, 2012 I became “Sweetie”  to PJ and Jean.
We all live in the deep dark South and I. Am. Finishing. My. House.

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There are some people I need to thank: my mom and dad for all the hours they have put into this house already; my mother in law for putting up with all my phone calls at random times asking random questions; Shana for sitting and talking to me and cleaning the twins room- all the time! Mika for being a great photo-documentor, my kids for putting up with me through all this and of course, my husband for living in a sub par house for a very long time- I love you and promise it is getting better!

This blog is dedicated to Roger. Without you I would not have recognized that I have had the potential to do this all along. Thank you for using a Nicholas Cage movie to threaten me into action. It was the kick in the pants I needed. I’d rather do ANYTHING than watch Nicholas Cage “act.”

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